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N|N - Wedding in Ethno Village Stanisici

I will start ordinarily by saying that every couple is dear to us, every couple has something of their own, special and unique. We have honest and positive communication with every couple. However, an occasional pair that stands out appears. In this case it wasn't exactly a couple, she was a lady. Brunette, with a wide smile, owner of a small business called "Diva Decorations". You can assume that these are wedding decorations, which are of course combined with almost complete wedding planning. In short, she is a wedding planner. What we found out after a long time was that she was watching us at one wedding, then on the other she recommended us to the newlyweds to work on their wedding, and all that while we didn't know her at all. Yes, she tested us, and we passed the test, without knowing we were doing it at all. We, as usual, did our best for both couples. We tried to make lifelong memories for them. She noticed it, and she wanted us for herself. At some point, she made an appointment with us. Gentle, smiling, full of ideas and inspired by weddings. We really liked Nataša that way. Although she has already learned a lot about us and our way of working, we have shared with her our wishes and ambitions related to every wedding that is ahead of us.

Time passed, a year, and then another in which the wedding was planned. Full of details and an incredible number of gifts for each guest individually. The plan underwent many changes due to pandemic conditions, but the wedding was still unique, beautiful and world-class. An outdoor wedding, just like those in Holywood movies, in the beautiful ambience of the ethno village "Stanišići”. It was beautiful, as well as the mini photo session after the wedding itself. Socialising with the closest family members and friends began very rapidly with the newlyweds entering the wedding venue "Volga". The crazy party was slowed down for a moment by the wedding cake, but after that it continued in an incredible rhythm.

A special photo session is planned in the rustic character of Spitzer Castle. The glamour and splendour of the former ambiance gave a note of elegance. Dark hallways combined with an artificial light source revealed the details of the once elegant interior and isolated the couple. The session continued in the park in front of the castle and ended with the last rays of the sun by the river Danube.

Yes, we love every couple, but the one who makes an effort around their memories is our favourite.


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