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L|A - Wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia

September in Dubrovnik does not feel like the end of summer, as people often expect, but on the contrary, it is full of life and tourists. What is evident is that with the ninth month, the wedding season is slowly coming to an end. This period of the year can be full of surprises, as is the Mediterranean climate in general. The day can be so rainy that the wipers on the car don't have time to wipe off the amount of water that falls on the windshield, and in two hours the sun shines so brightly that you think you could go to the beach. A destination wedding is a challenge in itself, and in order for your most beautiful day to pass without thinking, such as: Has the registrar arrived, are the chairs and decorations ready, will the food be ready, should we once again call the photographers and videographers, and the like, it is best to hire a wedding planner. The team from DoYouWeddMe performs this task at a really high level, whether it's a wedding with many guests or in the circle of family and closest friends. Just such an unpredictable day dawned on the day of L&A's wedding. Every period of the year has its own beauty and every day should be used to the maximum, especially if there is a DJ and a good party in the announcement.

And now it's time for photos :)


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