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J|L - Wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia

There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach to soak up all your worries. Just closing your eyes and imagining the soft sand caressing your toes as gentle waves lap the shore and the sun shines warmly down is enough to bring about a feeling of tranquillity. However, If you know that tomorrow in that environment you will say the fateful YES, then we can conclude that you have planned a destination wedding. With 2020 and the problems we have faced, there has been a change in collective consciousness. We started appreciating life, family and the wonderful feeling that travel and beautiful destinations bring us. Perhaps this is the best version of the wedding. Huge plans with a lot of guests are actually full of anxiety and worries. All this can be avoided by escaping from traditional ideas that include large wedding ceremonies with hundreds of guests and complicated plans. Destination weddings are exact opposites.Relaxed, with your closest friends and family in a remote location, organized by professional wedding planners, who keep the whole organization in the palm of their hand. Such a wedding was made for our dear J&L. Their wedding was planned on a hill above Dubrovnik that overlooks the Dubrovnik Old Town. After a beautiful wedding ceremony, which took place in the natural shade of an olive grove, a festive lunch and party were planned on the Copacabana beach which offered a clear view of the bay, as well as a breathtaking view of the sunset over an open sea. The party continued late into the night with the sounds of well-known hits played by a local DJ. Wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia

And now it's time for photos :)


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