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A|D - Wedding in Belgrade, Serbia

Wedding in Belgrade, Serbia / Dubrovnik photo-session

We are all connected by some invisible threads that intertwine, but they always leave us room to move forward and rarely tighten us so that we cannot move on. When we hear the story and look at the path of our newlyweds from the moment of their first glance to the wedding day, of which we are also a part, we can see that we were all somehow quite close, maybe we even met, exchanged glances or a word. Now on the day of your wedding, we feel that unusual bond that unites us and that I know couples feel during that whole day. Maybe it's actually our dedication to the newlyweds down to the smallest details of their wishes and feelings, and maybe something more and inexplicable. This introduction is specifically and obviously related to A&D. They are a couple that is complete. Honest and obvious emotions are heaven for photographers and videographers. It's nice to see and experience it. Our lives took place somewhere very close with a lot of common people or locations that bind us and we are very happy when all that coincidence crowns our work during the creation of their memories. If it's OK to say that a couple is funny, then it's these two people. There is a possibility that the text would become too extensive if I started to describe all the cute and comical situations that these two wonderful people prepared for us. From the wedding day at their godparents in Bijeljina (ok, almost Bijeljina :D ), through their wedding day in Belgrade and the photo session in Dubrovnik.

I'll let the photos do the talking though.


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