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A|A - Wedding in Leobersdorf, Austria

Wedding in Leobersdorf, Austria

The only conclusion at the recently held Grain festival of wedding photography and videography in Zagreb is one concept, and that is a human being. At the center of everything is human and what makes us human beings. We are woven together by experiences, which we have acquired over time, and emotions that we can rarely control. That combination makes us who we really are, and that can be best assessed by people who are not in a direct relationship with us. These people are often couples, ie wedding guests. They notice our commitment and feel the energy we radiate during the wedding day. These couples do not need any marketing. Everything is clear to them without you explaining it to them. They are our future clients and our friends. A&A are exactly such a couple. They saw us and hung out with us during their friends' wedding three years ago. A&A have their roots in the Balkans. This means that a wedding is in the forecast where all boundaries are canceled for that one day, all chains are broken, emotions at 100% and crazy fun time in the forecast. The Balkans beyond the borders of the Balkans is always a dear combination for us and we are happy to be a part of such a love story.


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