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A couple of photographers with their children
A couple of photographers with their children
Photographers with their children

They say you are best known by someone who lives with you.

This is what my wife said about me :)



     He has his own world into which it is hard to let others in. He does not like the rules in the social system and does not live by them. From the outside, he doesn't look like an emotional person, but many things hurt him deeply. When he does work he is a real Spartan and controls everything all the time. When I think he's not looking at what I'm doing, he actually sends me a message "turn that camera". He loves himself and always finds time for himself, his break and his coffee. He loves kinder bueno :). He likes to get up at dawn and think about his daily activities during his first morning coffee. He is a great lover of nature, and loves to hike when there is time. He doesn't like to be told by others how he should do the job, unless his role model tells him so. He strives for perfection and always expects better and sets himself new goals. When others are resting, he does most of the work, and even then he thinks he needs to push himself more. He also sets high standards for co-workers and is ready to hold his presentation and repeat it 100 times until he gets what he wants. He's crazy about the sneakers and has 3 times as many shoes as his wife (me). He is not mean to others and always gives more to others than they deserve. Unless you are sick or something, there is no excuse for not doing it. The story is that he loves to rest, but he doesn't really know how to relax and the only way to enjoy a vacation is to take pictures and do editing. He is very dedicated to the business and therefore sometimes absent during family events, but his wonderful wife balances it out with her Superpowers. He gladly spends money to make others happy. He is crazy about technical equipment and demands that the family respects every piece of the equipment. Entering the office is like entering a sanctuary. What can I do when I love him :). Writing this text about him made me feel so relieved.


Marijana Petricevic / wife




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