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A couple of photographers with their children
A couple of photographers with their children
Photographers with their children

They say you are best known by someone who lives with you.

This is what my wife said about me :)


Bojan is someone who has his own enchanting world-a space that's uniquely his. Though his exterior may not reveal much emotion, beneath the surface, he harbors deep sensitivities.

He loves to start the day so early, savoring that moment of peace and his beloved coffee when planning the day. In the realm of work, he transforms into a true Spartan who methodically oversees every detail. On weddings, even when I assume he's not watching, he surprises me with a gentle reminder to adjust the camera :-) 

His personalized approach to each couple separates him by several steps from other photographers. He is not just someone who holds the lens in front of the newlyweds, but someone who tells their story forever!

Despite his intense work ethic, he exudes generosity, giving more than expected. He will not tolerate excuses, except in cases of illness. While others rest, he diligently works, always pushing himself to do more. He has high standards that extend to coworkers, as he tirelessly refines presentations until they meet his vision. 

When it comes to his privacy, I can tell you this secret: a playful touch to his character is the sneaker collection; he is obsessed with it and has three times the collection of his wife!

Bojan is a passionate nature lover; he revels in the serenity of hikes whenever time allows. He strives for perfection and continually sets new goals.

Reflecting on him brings a sense of relief and love. What can I say more? Loving this man is an adventure! An adventure I wouldn't trade for anything, because it is a privilege that we work together and create the most beautiful memories for our clients and for us, too. 


Marijana Petricevic / wife

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