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A|D - Wedding in Kotor, Montenegro

As tourists during our summer vacation we’ve all at least once watched somebodies wedding take place at the same location we’re staying. What most of us thought about at that time is how great it is when a couple decides to have their wedding out of their city and how especially beautiful it is when the wedding takes place at a breathtaking location. There is a vibe, a positive explorer vibe which takes you over while you’re looking through locations that newlyweds plan to have their wedding at. During those moments you think about details, weather, mood and scenes that would come before your eyes. While talking with our couples we imagine and plan everything together. Whoever says they’re not even more motivated at that time, would be lying. Ana and Drasko are a couple very special to us. Of course, every couple of ours is special, but I leave myself some space for a bias opinion. Some colleagues may say that newlyweds have to look like models and that nothing else is important, but that’s not the case for me. To me it important to get a sense of the couple as human beings, both as each of them are by themselves as well as how they are as a couple. It’s necessary, alongside with their aesthetics that ought to mach ours, they have something of their own. Something hidden yet very visible. That something is the key to every relationship, foundation of love and if it were possible to look into the future, it’s an essence of a long-lasting and honest bond between the two. Well, Ana and Drasko have that something and I hope they never lose it. From the moment we realised that, our job was easy. The only thing left was for us to do what we do best, to tell their story. And here it is, a beautiful wedding in Kotor, Montenegro.


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