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A girl, and by sunset a wife.

The most honest thing is to start from yourself, so I will do so. I am the father of two girls, whom I hope will be lucky to walk through life with someone sincerely and in love. There are often unrealistic wishes like wanting to be strict and then in 5 minutes desiring love or buying them everything while wanting to teach them about modesty, etc. Sometimes, especially when it comes to yourself, it’s hard to be realistic. Through this complexity of the individual, the moment of decision during work is intertwined.The weddings we do are personalized, so they are not of a template nature. Our style is such that we take photos and shoot everything, without over-posing. There is a special moment, which I tie to the surreal part from the beginning of the text, in which the bride is alone in front of the wedding dress. The room is filled with our complete team or a part of it. I connect that moment with the last breath of freedom of mind and body. It is magnificent and at the same time sad. It talks about things the bride still doesn’t think about. No marital obligations, no worries about things she wasn't ready for. She is carefree about breakfast, lunch and dinner, about colorful and white clothes, about his parents and relatives, and so on. About infinite tolerance and respect. The list is long. It will be complemented by every lady who has been married for more than 10 years. Everything is already clear to her. ☺️ There are, of course, modern marriages with shared responsibilities, etc., but it is mostly a traditional story. The moment of freedom is just that, when we ask everyone to leave the room and let her look at the wedding dress, touch it and lean against it. Even at that moment, she is free. We really appreciate that part of the wedding day because it carries emotion, like the teardrop of a father or mother, the first sight of her future husband, the first dance, and a few more. There are a lot of photos that are not for the public because there is a good chance that they would be misinterpreted. They are also beautiful but remain a memory for the newlyweds.

Yes, she is a girl now, and by sunset she is becoming a wife.



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