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Elopement and small weddings vs tradition: A compromise or a new trend

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These Extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID pandemic are affecting our everyday life, changing our habits and practices. One of those things that were hit by these restrictive measures are the big traditional weddings.

Balkan weddings with multiple hundreds or even more than a thousand guests is just not a possibility now, and because of that many couples are postponing their special day, although there are some that are adapting to the current situation.

Small weddings with up to 50 guests are slowly becoming a trend rather than an obligation. Elopement weddings have also become very popular.

Last five weddings we photographed were just like those. We’ve seen that they can be beautiful. One of the couples had a wonderful mountain story, since they were both mountaineers. On these types of weddings, guests are just your closest friends. And these weddings are the happiest of them all, because every single one of your guests are people you invited with all your heart. We can easily remember big weddings with a lot people that are all too passive, and often some of the guests don’t even know the wedding couple. It is easier to meet the needs and wants of both bride and the groom during these types of weddings. Well, most of the wedding planning is done by the bride, since they are the ones who dream of their wedding days, decorations, first dance and so on. Those stories, captured through photos and delivered with personalized photo-book, are our joy to tell.

Small weddings are more stylized, personalized and they have a soul. A small number of guests does not mean that the bride should not wear a nice weddings dress, as that is often questioned. A live music band is also an option, or a DJ perhaps. Decorations, food, photographs, ambient, all packed in a smaller volume and a more intimate atmosphere. We are generally focused on the couple, so the number of guests doesn’t really affect our work. But, the happiness and good mood overall are really more noticeable on smaller weddings, especially the fun of the newlywed, probably because they have a smaller number of people and simpler event to worry about.

While viewing weddings photos taken during the COVID pandemic you won’t see any difference in comparison to “regular” weddings, the happiness on bride and grooms faces is there, the nature is vast and infinite for beautiful photos to be taken, wherever your imagination takes you, you can tell your wonderful story.

When all of these restrictive measures pass, there will certainly be those who would still want their wedding to be just like these. It’s not a big deviation from our traditional weddings, it is just the same, but in a smaller package. After all, the wedding is there for the couple, who decided to continue their life together. How they choose to enjoy their special day is up to them, and their positive energy that they are willing to share with their loved ones. Everyone else is there to celebrate their love, and that’s more obvious in a more intimate atmosphere.

With love... BPFPS team ❤️


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