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N|D - Wedding in Laxenburg, Vienna, Austria

Wedding in Laxenburg, Vienna, Austria

You must have heard the saying that life writes novels like no one else can. So one day a message appeared on one of the social networks. It was my first contact with N&D. A nice couple with a nice energy, which pleased me and gave the impression that we have a beautiful wedding and friendship ahead of us. However, life had other plans. We came to the first date shift, then the pandemic and a series of life situations occurred. I always leave room for couples, regardless of the contract that is defined by the date. I just want to be there for them as long as it's reasonable. This novel still has a happy ending, and an even happier beginning that came at the end :) After several years, our dear N's message contained a new date, and luckily for both of us we were free at the beginning of November when the wedding was planned. Vienna is a familiar location. Perhaps it is the city in which, next to Dubrovnik, we made the most wedding memories. Laxenburg is a beautiful place next to Vienna that has a wonderful park with a castle adorning it. Painted ceilings and walls decorated with various ornaments are just a wonderful addition to this beautiful love story.

Below you can see a small part of the photos from this wonderful wedding and get an impression of how it feels to create memories in this environment with such a lovely couple. And yes, don't forget. At the end of the story, I will tell you that this is just the beginning :)


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