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J|L - Wedding in Lenzburg, Switzerland

Life is paved with paths full of various footprints. There are so many of them that who knows where they can take us. Somehow, throughout different stages of life, we make decisions on which footprints we would move and realise that some are a bit more evident than others. They act as an invisible force that, with its warmth, attracts us to walk on them, and then they seem like a logical choice.

It was the nostalgia and desire of their parents for their children to remember and be proud of their homeland, many relatives, family houses and dear neighbours. Memories entail tradition and tradition entails customs. Folklore societies of people from the Balkans are often well organised and very successful, and one of them has just brought together our dear J&L. From the first touch of the hand and the uncertain steps of the "Užičko kolo" to wide smiles along the demanding "Čačansko kolo", it was a long but honest journey. Their gazes became full of emotion, and their hand touches full of secret messages they wanted to share. Of course, the tradition marked by dance could not end there. They hung out and talked. They dreamed together and traveled together, both to their homeland and to various exotic places. They made love official by engagement, and revealed their life plan to the world. Do you remember those trails from the beginning of this story? They took their plans in another direction. Regardless of the love for the fatherland, the destiny or God's will was different. The big plans, which included many activities across the Balkans on their wedding day, underwent a transformation where the entire activity took place in their city and beautiful Switzerland.

Do you like the story so far? Do you want the rest? Don't be lazy. Employ that thumb and scroll :D

But first we watch a movie :)

Wedding in Lenzburg, Switzerland

And now it's time for photos :)


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