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M|S - Beautiful wedding couple in Belgrade

     Milica and Saša, the protagonists of another of our stories we told through photos, met through mutual friends and now we could write by accident, but in love stories, those written after true events, there is no coincidence. Simply, destiny gets you where you need it, little Cupid crouches on your shoulder and whispers something you may not understand at first, but then it becomes clear why you went out with society just then, how she / he was just then, where that you looked at her just when she laughed so that the whole world stopped and you saw just that - a smile from which the ground underfoot escapes.    

It was clear to everyone, they were joking on their account, provoking any reaction, but Milica and Saša denied everything. And then one wedding, Toni Cetinski and their first dance.  And know I'll be there and when our sadness comes, you find strength in me, a friend, a faithful friend ...        Milica and Sasha also made the album of memories on many journeys, adventures that filled their albums, made them together, and made a perfect fit as a puzzle. The last piece of that picture was inserted in Novi Sad, their town as it was called, when Sasha proposed to Milica.   Every story we tell is special, and we try to make it as unique as the unique people we're talking about. As soon as we saw them through the lens, we knew we were in the right place and their story was right there in front of us. We stole fragments of their love, packed it so they could preserve it, and remembered this special day for them.


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