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A|A - Beautiful wedding couple on Mount Jahorina

Between your engagement and your wedding day, there are many decisions to be made. One of those important choices is who will be your photographer on that special day. From the moment you type “Wedding photographer” in your browser, you enter an online realm of web presentations. Some of them would get instantly discarded, some may interest you a little bit and some you would really, really love. You would be amazed and charmed by beautiful photographs and sweet couples on breathtaking locations. The thing that you won’t see, is the lack of “real” photographs. A constant approach with full commitment is very exhausting and can wear you down both physically and mentally and so many photographers are just not that involved. That leads to big differences in their photos during a wedding day vs photos taken on a dedicated photoshoot and that is the reason you don’t see many “real” wedding day photos online. That’s why we have these photo blogs, to show couples a full wedding day, so they can see not only how they would look on an amazing landscape, but in every environment they might find themselves during their wedding. Our approach is professional and we are at a 100%, all in and fully committed during the whole day. When a fun and energetic team is there with you, you end up with over 12.000 RAW images taken. You have a chance to see another beautiful wedding from the days of Coronavirus pandemic, the wedding of none other, but our gorgeous Ana & Alexa. Even so their wedding was scaled down to a smaller group of people, still, there wasn’t a lack of love, laugh, joy, tears, friends or fun. Their wedding was as awesome as they hoped so, and was a fairytale that they dreamed about.

Of course, all this was possible by having a wonderful, professional and hard working group of people working together! You can see more about them in the links at the bottom of this post.

Something to move your foot while looking at photos :)

A|A - wedding photo story



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