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     After graduating in Graphic design, I worked only a short period of time in that profession, mostly as a freelancer, but I started working as an Art teacher in elementary school, and I have been there for ten years. For all those years I knew that school wasn't the right place to channel my creative energy. While working for other people I saw lots of stuff that I would never wish to happen to my wedding couples, so after a few years working like that, I was more determined than ever to make a move and start telling stories in a way that every loving couple deserves. 

     With a camera in our hands, my team and I strive to tell the most beautiful wedding story possible and create a lifelong memory.


     Your wedding is a story, a very special one to be exact, and for us, that story is the script for the romantic fairy tale I'm making with two of you as main actors. Your job is to love each other and the rest is ours.

      Our style is the same as my mission: to capture the moment and embed the emotion in our films & photographs. We use all of our senses (even the 6th one) to find a frame worth capturing. Even when you think we’re not there and we’re missing something, look above you, we might be hanging off of the ceiling with the camera in our hands. :)

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         ,,It was a huge honor and pleasure to meet you and hang out with you guys. We thank you for a perfectly done job a wonderful friendship. All the best for the whole team.

                                       Thank you for capturing every moment of our happiness! ’’

Dijana Vujičić-Narić

Bojan Petričević  /  wedding photography & cinematography 

based in bijeljina, bosnia and herzegovina/available worldwide