Ceca & Sasa | Crazy thing called love

    Hi what are you doing ? Do you have time to drink coffee, Ceca asked. I said I had time. Okay, I'll see you around 11am at the Basta Café. Yes, Ceca and Sasa were planning a wedding. We really liked their friends' wedding, which we photographed, and they want us to photograph their wedding. What I do during my first conversation with the newlyweds is to analyze them as a couple. It is very important for me to feel the emotion between them, not as if they were planning a big engine service of their car. Yes, the emotion was there. Their love during the conversion to each other was evident. The wedding day itself was very nice. The only trouble was photographing their preparation since they are both former sports professionals where height is important, so I had to climb Sasa's desk to keep my eyes on the lens;)

   A very funny moment was after the wedding. I met Ceca in town and she asked me what the photos were like. I answered so they are beautiful of course. But what color do you dislike, I asked. "I hate purple," Ceca said. Ahhh ... OK, I said. Why do you ask, she asked me. Anyway, it's OK. What she didn't know was that the guy who hired him to do the lighting in the wedding hall set the lights to purple, and that everything was complete in those colors. hihih ... Of course, they liked the photos, even these purple ones :)

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