A&R | Our backyard fairy-tale

On a not so much remote location, but just enough to be hidden from the disturbance, a fairytale had happened. In it, as in almost every story, were a beautiful princess and a charming prince. Their wedding was ruined by a goofy bridesmaid and prince’s drunk brother. Jokes aside, everyone has their own story, and we just happened to be lucky enough to be a part of theirs. On a wonderful homestead “Agape”, a cute little wedding tale took place, filled with lots sweet elements that make up a modern wedding. From a lovely and intimate newlyweds preparation, through an open wedding ceremony, first dance, photo session in an orchard and an open air dinner, all the way to dancing and having fun late into the night. Yes, this was a small wedding that had all the necessary elements a wedding has, with a couple that acknowledged our sincere advice and got wonderful memories.

Of course, all this was possible by having a wonderful, professional and hard working group of people working together! You can see more about them in the links at the bottom of this post.

Something to move your foot while looking at photos :)

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